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Fire Alarms


All Chippewill Condominium units are equipped with a comprehensive fire detection system consisting of smoke detectors: one in each bedroom, one on the main floor and one in the basement. In addition a heat sensor is placed in the attic.

Each individual unit has a control panel that is usually mounted in the kitchen or near the front door. This system is wireless and monitored by Vector Security. In the event that one of the sensors is activated by smoke or heat, an alarm will sound and the unit owner will be contacted immediately by Vector. For this reason every home owner is responsible for providing Vector with at least one (1) or preferably two (2) contact phone numbers and a password. Please remember the password you provide them as the Association does not have access to your password. This system is active only in individual units and is not active throughout the building as was the previous system.

If the unit owner cannot be contacted to determine the cause of the alarm, or the unit owner confirms that there is a fire, the Fire Department will be called. Of course, if a fire is discovered in the unit, the resident should call the Fire Department immediately. This alarm system brings with it a high level of personal and collective security along with some very important resident responsibilities. Resident-activated false alarms cause unnecessary concern and inconvenience to neighbors. They also cause needless fire runs which are not appreciated by the Fire Department. The association may be fined for excessive false alarms and this expense will be passed on to any resident causing a false alarm.

Biennial alarm inspections and testing are done in order to insure that the alarm system is operating according to its design specifications. The Association and/or its bonded representatives must have access to each unit on inspection clay. Any resident that fails to provide the Association and/or its bonded representatives access to his/her unit on inspection day is liable for any fees that the Association may incur in gaining access to or for rescheduling the inspection of the resident’s unit. These fees typically run in excess of $100.00.

Fire Alarm System Monitoring Company

Please be sure as a new owner, when you receive your Welcome Packet mailing from Sentry Management, you complete & return the emergency data page from Vector Security. If you need to contact the alarm company, Vector Security, their number is 614.367.7820.