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Parking Guidelines & Maps

The close proximity of neighbors and the sharing of some facilities demands the constant practice of the “Golden Rule” by each resident which is so necessary for compatible and happy condominium living. Although this applies to the observance of all condominium rules, it especially relates on a daily basis to parking.

Parking in Chippewill is severely restricted because of lack of space and the narrowness of its service lanes. Each resident is provided parking space for two vehicles: one in the unit’s assigned garage and one in a designated outside parking space. These vehicles may consist of passenger cars, passenger-type vans, and non-commercially-licensed small pickup trucks (3/4 ton or less).

All vehicles (including guest parking), in addition to the allotted two, must be parked on the service lanes (where not prohibitively posted) and Blue Jacket Road (a Columbus city street dedicated for this purpose). The parking of RVs, trucks boats, boat trailers, and the like is not permitted in Chippewill.

When directed by the Board, our management company is authorized to tow illegally parked vehicles without notice, at the vehicle owner’s expense.

Please access the community parking guidelines for more information.

Please find the community street and building map PDFs below.

Building 28 (Smoketalk)

Building 29 (Smoketalk) 

Building 30 (Smoketalk)

Building 31 (Smoketalk)

Building 32 (Smoketalk)

Buildings 33-36 (Smoketalk)

Building 35 (Smoketalk)

Building 36 (Smoketalk) 

Building 37 (Smoketalk)

Building 38 (Smoketalk)

Building 39 (Smoketalk)

Buildings 40-42 and 52-53 (Smoketalk, Crazy Horse, Clearfork)

Buildings 40-41 (Smoketalk)

Building 40 (Smoketalk)

Buildings 42-44 (Crazy Horse, Blue Cloud)

Buildings 44-45 (Blue Cloud)

Buildings 46-47 (Crazy Horse)

Buildings 47-48 (Crazy Horse)

Buildings 49-51 (Crazy Horse)

Buildings 54-55 (Powderhorn)

Building 54 (Powderhorn)

Buildings 56-59 (Powderhorn)

Building 56 (Powderhorn)

Building 57 (Powderhorn)

Building 58 (Powderhorn)

Building 59 (Powderhorn)

Buildings 60-61 (Powderhorn)

Building 61-62 (Powderhorn)